Board Diversity Policy


This Policy pursues to record, more formally, the Company's policy on Board diversity and to recognise the recommendation of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2017.

Principles and Objectives

The Group strictly adheres to the practice of non-discrimination of any form, whether based on race, age, religion and gender throughout the organisation, which includes the selection of Board members. The Board encourages a dynamic and diverse composition of members by nurturing suitable and potential candidates equipped with competency, skills, experience, good character, time commitment, integrity and other qualities in meeting the future needs of the Company.

The objectives of this Policy are to have a Board which:

Scope & Policies

The Board considers that the concept of diversity incorporates a number of different aspects, such as professional experiences, business experiences, skills, knowledge, gender, age, ethnicity and educational background.

  1. Board Mix
    The Board shall include a balanced composition of Executive, Non-executive and Independent Non-executive Directors to promote a strong element of independences in the Board. The Independent Non-executive Directors shall be of sufficient calibre and standing, for their views to carry weight.

  2. Skills and Experience
    The Board shall possess a balance of appropriate skills for the requirements of the business of the Company. The Directors shall have a mix of financial, legal, management and other backgrounds which when working in synergy, could provide the Company with considerable experience in a wide range of activities.

  3. Gender
    The Board takes cognisant of the recommendation of the Malaysian Government to have at least 30% women as decision makers in corporate sector. The Company shall endeavour to increase female representation on the Board if there are appropriate candidates available when Board vacancies arise.

  4. Ethnicity/Nationality
    The Company aspires to have a board of directors of different nationality or ethnic backgrounds who can contribute their knowledge and understanding of the business, industry and environment.

  5. Age
    The Board is fully committed to promote age diversity, valuing the contribution of its members regardless of age, and seeks to eliminate age stereotyping and discrimination.

Measurable Objectives

This Diversity Policy framework for the Group is aimed towards achieving the following objectives:

1. Selection of candidates will be based on a range of diversity perspectives, including but not limited to, professional experiences, business experiences, skills, knowledge, gender, age, ethnicity and educational background. The ultimate decision will be based on merit and contributions that the selected candidates will bring to the Board. The Board’s composition (including gender, ethnicity and age) will be disclosed in the Annual Report annually.

2. The Board acknowledges the importance of promoting gender diversity. Hence, the normal selection criteria based on an effective blend of competencies, skills, extensive experience and knowledge to strengthen the Board remains a priority.

Monitoring and Reporting

1. Pursuant to the Term of Reference of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee ("NRC"), NRC is (among other things) responsible for:

2. The NRC shall report to the Board on:

3. The Board shall, at least annually, assess:

4. The Board will ensure that appropriate disclosures are made in the Annual Report regarding Board Diversity.